Phenolic cotton seed protein

Phenolic cotton seed protein

"Product brief"

Dawn dephenolization of cottonseed protein is a selection of high quality cottonseed through low temperature extraction, extraction of oil, new processes such as removal of gossypol into a light yellow granular protein feed ingredients. Dephenolization of cottonseed protein as a new protein source, Dawn uses its own patented technology to design process, greatly reducing the protein denaturation, also remove the toxin gossypol in cottonseed, its quality improvement in nutrient levels. In order to ensure the stability of product quality, the company has research and development investment and built the first fully automated low temperature control system for protein extraction, protein quality online IR detection system. Dephenolization of cottonseed protein compared to soybean meal, Corn gluten meal, peanut meal, rapeseed meal, fish meal, animal and vegetable protein bid was better. Widely used in the animal and aquatic feeds. Company also can according to customer the need produces protein content greater than 50%, the content of free gossypol in 200ppm high quality protein products.

"Product features"

1, quality and stability: the origin of raw materials and fixed, mature production technology, perfect product enterprise standard, strictly in accordance with the ISO standards for the production of quality products, more animal-friendly digestion and absorption.

2, good availability: the entire production process under low temperature, thermal denaturation protein did not happen, more than 90% of total nitrogen total amino acid composition. While removing more fiber in the production process, ensure the availability of products used in the process better.   

3, high protein: the protein content of the product is more than 50%, than similar high protein content, save production costs.

4, low content of free gossypol: patented phenol removal, free gossypol content of national standard 400ppm, and reduce the impact on the growth of animals.

"Quality indicators"
Product name Crude protein Crude fiber Water Ash Total amino acids Free gossypol Aflatoxin


Cottonseed protein

≥50% ≤8.0% ≤8.0% ≤8.0% ≥90% ≤400ppm ≤50ppb 



Dephenolization of cottonseed protein has been widely applied to chickens, ducks, pigs, cattle, Fox, shrimp, fish, poultry, fur animal and aquaculture feed, a large number of experiments, 100% instead of soybean meal in the feeding process, significantly reduce costs, bring considerable economic and social benefits, currently dephenolization of cottonseed protein have been recognized by our users.

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