Intellectual property Commissioner

Job requirements:

  1. Familiar with patent laws, there are successful experiences in patent;
  2. Pharmacy law or related major;
  3. Patent experience, professional relaxation;
  4. Due partly to document translation requires good English base, skilled in pharmacological and clinical literature translation;
  5. Once hired, provide good benefits and competitive salary.


Warehouse keeper

Job requirements:

  1. Job requires hard work, careful, patient and have team work spirit;
  2. Warehouse management experience is preferable;
  3. Proficient in computer.


Accounting supervisor

Job requirements:

  1. Departments reported to the single audit, responsible for checking original documents, accounting and cost accounting (including cost table and Warehouse checkout);
  2. Supplier account and customer account, responsible for bank deposit accounts, issue bank account statement;
  3. Responsible for regulating and checking the goods account, checking accounts and warehouse tables issued by;
  4. Responsible for the preparation of tax statements, the company's statistics, analysis of the costs, expenditures and control, on the premise of norms effectively reduce costs and expenses;
  5. Responsible for all kinds of financial statements (including financial statements to foreign headquarters) for the preparation and audit of;
  6. Responsible for specification for fixed asset ledger accounts match, accounts are reconciled, and issue fixed asset depreciation schedules;
  7. According to rules and regulations timely clearance (intercompany current accounts);
  8. Responsible for the company's other financial work


Sales Desk

Job requirements:

  1. Investigation on customer's intention, for corporate decisions and relevant departments to provide a reliable basis for the work;
  2. Maintain and establish business platform;
  3. Coordination and cooperation with other departments;
  4. To find problems in your practice, and make reasonable suggestions;
  5. Complete other work assigned.
  6. College degree or above;
  7. Have strong sense of responsibility;
  8. Have strong sense of working enthusiasm and active service;
  9. Lively and cheerful, ladies first.

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